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Founded in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) has a proud history of being a leader in both circulating and collectible coinage. Their main duty is to produce and provide circulation coinage for Canada and nations that have no Mint of their own to include coins, bars, tokens, medallions, and medals in gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and base metals. 

As a pioneer in the industry, RCM  is an innovator of advanced minting techniques. When it comes to purity, the RCM created the first .9999 pure gold bullion coin in November of 1982, and in 2007, they accomplished making the world’s first million-dollar coin weighing 100kg and containing a purity of .99999. Many other Canadian gold coins followed this same .9999 purity standard, and then in 2014, the RCM began implementing DNA anti-counterfeiting technology to their Gold Maple Leaf series, setting yet another standard by making these coins some of the most secure in the world.

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf CoinGold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
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  1. 2021 Canada $50 1-oz Gold Maple Leaf Gem BU

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  4. 2020 Canada $5 1/10-oz Gold Maple Leaf BU

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What Canadian Coins Are Gold?

Being a member of the British Commonwealth, most of the gold coins from the Royal Canadian Mint show portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Better known for its Gold Canadian Maple Leafs, the Mint regularly strikes a variety of themed Canadian gold coins, ranging from natural scenery and animals to sports and pronounced figures and events throughout history.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

The Gold Maple is Canada’s proudest and most elite coin. Being a part of a premier gold bullion series, the series was first struck and issued in 1979. At the time only the South African Gold Krugerrand was available which was severely restricted due to anti-apartheid embargos placed on South Africa as the issuing nation. 

Since its debut, the Gold Maple Leaf series has been minted on an annual basis. With a sugar maple leaf featured on its reverse, an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II is proudly found on the obverse in a most iconic design. While few changes have been made to both the maple leaf and effigy of the Queen throughout the decades-long lifespan of this series, this coin is still considered one of the most innovative. Since 2014 the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf has had extra security measures with their DNA anti-counterfeiting technology, setting the new standard of coin security. 

The Gold Maple Leaf coin has brought the wonder of the great white north to collections around the world and continues to amaze with the RCM’s constant innovation to stay an industry leader.

The reverse of the Canadian Gold Coin, the Gold Maple LeafThe reverse of the Canadian Gold Coin, the Gold Maple Leaf

Call of the Wild Canadian Gold Coins

Being first minted and issued in 2014, these beautifully designed coins have been inspired by and aimed to honor the wildlife of the Canadian nation. These coins are amongst the purest coins in the world with a purity of .99999, just one more reason why Canada is a leader in the coin bullion and collectibles industry.


With a number of unique qualities, each Call of the Wild coin features the iconic maple leaf in a small mark engraved on the reverse with laser technology. All coins in this series have the same obverse design, featuring a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the year of the coin’s issue. The reverse is what separates each coin from one another. Starting with the Howling Wolf in 2014, each year following depicts the Growling Cougar, Roaring Grizzly, Elk, Golden Eagle, Moose, Bobcat, and the Caribou in 2021.

The 2019 Moose coin in Wild Canada’s coin seriesThe 2019 Moose coin in Wild Canada’s coin series

Why Buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins?

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins are amongst the most beautiful and sought-after coins in the world. Starting in 2014, these coins began having an advanced security feature through the implementation of Bullion DNA (Digital Non-destructive Activation) authentication technology and can be read with a state-of-the-art reader from the RCM. With this iconic security measure taken to ensure the value and purity of these coins, it’s no surprise that Canadian Maple Leaf coins are among the most popular. 

In 2020, the Ottawa and Winnipeg facilities of the Royal Canadian Mint joined forces to create the first "made in Manitoba" numismatic tribute in the world-renowned Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin. What sets this particular coin apart is the distinctive "W" for Winnipeg mint mark with a matte finish. Collectors will find the same leaf design and "W" mark on the 2021 collectible.

What to Look for When Buying Gold Canadian Coins?

Key features of Canadian gold coins include their symbolic maple leaf, wildlife or historical figures (depending on which series you’re seeking out), and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. But besides the obvious, the RCM anti-counterfeiting DNA technology, and extremely detailed finishes are what sets each gold coin from the Royal Canadian Mint apart from its counterparts. Also, depending on the series, you may want to ensure that your coin has a purity of .99999 as the RCM debuted that standard of purity.


A coin’s composition is, by definition, the types of metals within a specific coin and the percentages of each if there are multiple. For example, the common American penny in circulation today contains 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. When it comes to the purity of a coin, this is what the composition is referring to. In the case of Wild Canadian Gold coins with a purity of .99999, this means this coin is 99.999% gold with only .001% other materials.


There are five common types of coin finishes: Brilliant Uncirculated (BU), Proof, Reverse Proof, Burnished (matte), and Specimen Grade.  The most common amongst collectors are Proof, and Reverse Proof which are minted with special dies and have a more shiny finish either on the design or background, depending on whether it’s Proof or Reverse. In either instance, the coin’s finish is what defines and enhances a coin’s appearance.


When it comes to a coin’s mintage, this includes a couple of things. First is the year in which the coin was minted, but the more important mark is what is known as a “Mint Mark” which refers to the specific location a coin was manufactured, usually designated by a letter or combination of letters. Each country has its own Mint Mark designation and location on the coin, with some issues not carrying a Mint Mark at all.


The design on a coin is where artistry and brilliance really are defined. In each minting process throughout the world, designers and artisans are key elements in the coin’s creation. Coin collecting has always been a prestigious pursuit, but as the competition has grown between countries throughout the world, each Mint has sought out the finest of artists and designers who can create unique designs while keeping the integrity of national symbols, such as historical figures and events.

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