Libertad Coins

In 1982, the Mexican Mint introduced the Libertad to collectors around the world.  On par with other bullion releases like the United States’ Silver Eagle and Canada’s Silver Maple Leaf, this coin holds great meaning for the Mexican people. The term Libertad translates to liberty in English, which is apt, as the symbol that appears on the reverse of the coin is Mexico’s iconic statue called “Winged Liberty,” which resides over Mexico City.  The obverse shows the national symbol of Mexico, an eagle perched on top of a cactus and eating a snake, that is surrounded by different seals that have been used throughout Mexican history.  Unlike most other national bullion coins, Mexican Libertads don’t have a legal tender amount, but are instead backed by a promise from the Mexican government to pay out how much the coin is worth based on the weight and metal purity inscribed on the coin. There are two kinds of Libertads, gold and silver. They are released in Libertad proof sets and brilliant uncirculated form, as well as in multiple sizes. Keep reading to learn more about the Mexican Libertad series, and to browse our carefully curated inventory below. 

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Mexican Gold Libertads

First struck in 1981 to honor Mexico’s independence, Gold Libertads were originally minted in .900 fine gold before transitioning to .999 fine gold in 1992.  As of right now, the Gold Libertads are struck in five sizes ranging from One-Twentieth ounce to one full troy ounce of gold.  An extremely limited number of Proof editions struck from the Casa de Moneda, the Mexican Mint, are released every year as well to the delight of collectors around the world.   

Mexican Silver Libertads

The Mexican Silver Libertad is held in the same light as the Silver Eagle is for America.  Struck in both uncirculated and proof finishes, the Silver Libertad is struck in .999 silver and carries all of the significance and meaning that its gold counterpart does, at more affordable prices.  Originally struck in 1983, two years after the gold Libertad, the silver coin is a highly anticipated release year after year.

The silver Libertad is also available in bar form.  Just like the coin, these Mexican silver Libertad coin bars do not actually have a legal tender value attached to them, but instead can be redeemed by the Mexican government for its value in the inscribed silver content.