1851-1853 3-Cent Silver Trime VF

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America’s Smallest Circulating Silver Coin

The Silver Three-Cent Piece, also known as the Trime, was short-lived, being struck only from 1851 to 1873, and only in limited quantities. Why a three-cent coin? Stamps! Postage was lowered in 1851 from five to three cents, and these coins were often carried by Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War so they could send letters home.

For a time, this small coin – the smallest circulating silver coin ever struck by the U.S. Mint – was a big success. That is until Congress passed the Fourth Coinage Act in 1873, an act that was so notorious for its wholesale melting of coins that it has since become referred to as the “Crime of 1873” by collectors and numismatists alike. The passage of the act saw nearly the entire production of circulating silver Trime coins struck from 1863 to 1872 melted in 1873!

Despite the Trime’s historical significance and fascinating “C” design, many collectors aren’t even aware of its existence! That’s sad because due to the paucity of Trimes that survive to today, once collectors find out about these wonderful little gems, they also discover that finding one in nice condition like the one we have available here can be a difficult undertaking.

Luckily for you, we’ve managed to secure a small number of these 75% fine silver pieces in nice collector-grade Very Fine (VF) condition. The coins we have available are among the earliest struck, from 1851 to 1853. This is a wonderful and unique denomination for both type set collectors and history buffs. Orders yours today! Dates will vary.

  • AMERICA’S SMALLEST CIRCULATING COIN – Struck from 1851-1873, the Three-Cent Silver Trime was the smallest circulating coin ever struck by the United States Mint.
  • STRUCK IN AMERICAN SILVER – Each Trime available in this offer was struck from 1851-1853 in .80 grams of 74% silver and measures 14 mm in diameter.
  • UNITED STATES LEGAL TENDER – These coins were 3 cents legal tender in the United States and were an important coin at the time since they cold pay for a 3-cent stamp.
  • VERY FINE CONDITION – Your 1851-1853 Three-Cent Silver Trime will come in Very Fine (VF) condition featuring a full inscription with only moderate wear. Dates will vary.

Don’t miss your chance to get a 1851-1853 dated 3-Cent Silver Trime, the smallest circulating silver coin ever struck by the U.S. Mint! Click one to your cart today!

Year of Issue 1853, 1852, 1851
Country United States
Composition Silver
Purity 0.7500
Condition Circulated
Grade VF
Denomination 0.03
Currency Type Dollar
Coin Weight .80 Grams - g
Dimensions 14mm