1914 $100 Federal Reserve Currency Note Fine

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America’s First $100 Bill

Holding a $100 bill in your hand is a great feeling. Think of how amazing it would be to hold one of America’s very first $100 bills in your hand! The 1914 Federal Reserve Note was the first $100 note ever issued by the United States federal government. One hundred dollars is still a lot of money today, but back in 1914 when these notes were first issued it could represent several months’ worth of wages!

Graded in nice Fine condition, these marvelous large-sized bills display a beautiful vignette featuring five allegorical figures representing labor, plenty, America, peace, and commerce on the reverse, paired with an obverse design of Benjamin Franklin. But this isn’t the Franklin you’re used to seeing on a $100 bill – in this first iteration, he’s shown in complete profile. This note also boasts multiple colors, as the obverse displays an attractive blue seal while the reverse was printed in green.

Notes like this are very hard to find today. That’s because people didn’t start collecting paper money until the middle of the 20th century. Until then, there was no incentive to save bank notes and those that are around today were mostly preserved purely by accident or are parts of forgotten cash hoards and overlooked bank reserves. In fact, it’s estimated that more than 99.84% of all large-sized Federal Reserve Notes have been redeemed and destroyed!

Don’t wait – secure America’s first-ever $100 Federal Reserve Note from 1914! Your note will arrive in a clear archival holder for optimal viewing. Add this important piece of U.S. history to your cart today!

  • AMERICA’S FIRST $100 FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE – Measuring 7.4216" x 3.125", the 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Note is not only a large-size “Horseblanket” note issued by the Federal Reserve Bank, but it’s the first $100 Federal Reserve Note ever issued. It features a profile of Benjamin Franklin on the obverse and allegorical figures representing labor, plenty, America, peace, and commerce on the reverse.
  • LEGAL TENDER CURRENCY – This bank note is $100 legal tender.
  • GRADED IN FINE CONDITION – Your 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Bank Note comes graded in Fine (F) condition, remarkable since less than 1% of all large-sized Federal Reserve Notes exist in any condition! It will come displayed in a clear archival holder and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  • SCARCE, HARD-TO-FIND NOTE – The 1914 $100 Federal Reserve Bank Note is a popular collectible note that is scarce and hard to find. Most of these notes were worn out during circulation or withdrawn and destroyed by the government decades ago.

Don’t miss this popular piece of historic currency – make your collection ship-shape with the addition of this fascinating bank note!

Year of Issue 1914
Country United States
Composition Paper Collateral
Grade F
Denomination 100.00
Currency Type Dollar