1916-P Mercury Dime PCGS MS65FB

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1916-P Mercury Dime PCGS MS 65 FB

This year is the 100th Anniversary of the Mercury Dime design that was first unveiled in 1916. The last Mercury dime was struck in 1945, over 65 years ago. Mercury Dimes were struck in 90% silver unlike coins today. During some of the great silver melts during the last 50 years, many Mercury dimes were lost to the melting pots. Each coin is graded Superb Gem MS65. Considering there are fewer Mercury Dimes available in today's market, finding them in this condition is even scarcer.

Despite its tiny size, the "Mercury" dime may very well be the most beautiful coin ever produced by the United States Mint. It is truly remarkable that a coin this small could have such an intricate and aesthetically pleasing design. The obverse features a Winged Head Liberty portrait. The reverse of the coin depicts the fasces, an ancient symbol of authority, with a battle-ax atop it to represent preparedness, and an olive branch beside it to signify love and peace. With World War I raging in Europe, these were emotional themes in 1916.

This coin is graded Mint State-65 Full Bands (MS65FB) by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). Due to Mercury dimes heavily circulating, there are few and far between in Superb Gem grades. Each coin is also designated as Full Bands (FB), which is highly sought after by eager-eyed collectors. Full Bands means the three bands holding the bundle of rods together are clearly separate and both clearly visible.

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Year of Issue 1916
Country United States
Composition Silver
Condition Graded
Grade MS65
Denomination 0.10
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name Philadelphia - P, U.S. Mint
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