The world comes together for two weeks every two years as athletes from around the globe push each other to their limits. The events are exciting and the stories behind the athletes are inspirational. Sports fans and non-fans alike are riveted and lifted as they watch the athletes push themselves to their limits. The Games also give host cities and countries the opportunity to introduce – or reintroduce - themselves to the world, sharing their culture and their history with those who may never have the opportunity to visit them. In recent years, countries have often struck coins to celebrate the Olympics, and many of those Olympic coins are available here at GovMint.com. Keep reading to learn about the variety of products released by Mints around the world to commemorate the games that bring us all together.

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  1. 1934–1936 50 Cent & 5 Reichsmark Jesse Owens Gold Medal 2-pc Set F–VF w/Stamp

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Olympic Anniversary Set

The Olympic Games are grand affairs that attract thousands of athletes, millions of fans, and billions of viewers around the world. The Games have been hosted on five continents and save for interruptions caused by war, have been held regularly every four years or, more recently, every two years (with the Summer and Winter Olympics alternating) since 1896. As massive as these events are, they all originated as the idea of one man, Pierre de Fredy, Baron de Coubertin. He originated the idea of the modern Olympics in 1892, and a congress was formed two years later. In 1896, Athens, Greece, home of the ancient Olympics, hosted the first ever modern Games.

In 2013, Vanuatu issued a five-coin set to mark the 150th anniversary of de Coubertin’s birth. Two decades after originating the idea, de Couberton also created the Olympic logo, on which the set is based. Each coin in the set has a colorized rim frame separating the reverse design from the rim inscriptions. The colors match the famous Olympic rings logo. On the interior, each piece bears an image of de Couberton and an Olympic athlete. This Olympic anniversary coin set is perfect for sports fans.

1996 Atlanta Olympic Coins

In 1996, Atlanta, Georgia hosted the Summer Games. The U.S Mint marked the occasion with several issues, most of which were Olympic Silver Dollars. One of the highlights of that Olympics was the USA-Russia men’s swimming rivalry. Alexander Popov edged Gary Hall in the 50m and 100m Freestyle, but the Americans won all three relays, including with a World Record time in the 4x100m Medley. This makes the 1996 Olympic Swimming coin a standout favorite among all of the US Mint issues for the big event.