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For as long as people have been using money as a medium of exchange, it has been more convenient to use paper currency or printed I.O.U.s. Coins made of gold, silver and copper have always been bulkier, more cumbersome, more time consuming and heavier than their paper cousins. Lucky for collectors, has a wide selection of collectible currency, payment certificates and bank notes from around the world. Keep reading below to learn more about the various paper money options we have available for your collection.

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  1. 1970–1973 $10 Chief Hollow Bear MPC Note F-VF

    $695.00 As Low As $674.50
    or $231.67 / month
    • Quantity Credit Card Wire
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U.S. Currency

There is a wide variety of Gold Certificates and Silver Certificates available, which at one time, were redeemable for gold and silver coinage. This category also features Federal Reserve Notes and National Currency issued by banks. Many of these various notes were issued in a large paper format, sometimes referred to as “horseblanket” sized notes before they were issued in the standard small format Federal Reserve Notes that circulate today. We also have a large selection of Obsolete Currency, issued by banks in the mid to late 19th Century. As market conditions allow this will include ultra-collectible Depression Scrip and the paper currency of the Confederate States of America.

Often during wartime, in inflationary times or times of economic hardship the military, governments, banks and even merchants would issue scrip, like Military Payment Coupons (MPC) like the Vietnam payment series certificates. We also feature Wartime emergency currency like the famous Hawaii overprints brown seal Silver Certificates and Federal Reserve Notes and the yellow seal North African Silver Certificates were issued by the government with the idea that they could easily be demonetized in the event of a military invasion by our opponents.

World Bank Notes

The reasons for using paper currency are the same all over the world: ease of use, ease of increasing the money supply to grease the wheels of commerce, a misguided attempt to “fight” inflation.

Again, luckily for appreciators of collectible currency, some of the most beautiful and interesting notes hail from outside of the United States. These notes will tell the story of Germany after World War 1 leading into World War 2, the story of the Japanese Empire and its collapse.

These notes were issued by our friends and our adversaries and have a way of bringing historic events or eras into sharp focus. We can learn about the Space Race of the fifties and sixties and the Cold War through the currency and commemoratives issued at the time.

Stocks, Bonds, Special Issues and Notable Collections

From time to time, this category will also feature Stock Certificates and Bonds with a specific story to tell. We have curated special collections of currency and coinage with other historic artifacts that will highlight an event or time period. We also feature special issues that have been created for collectors because the original items are simply unobtainable.