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Silver proof sets released by the United States Mint are a focal point in any numismatic collection and a treasured asset minted to be admired. Silver coins are popular with both collectors and investors because of their beauty and value. Esteemed for their high Silver purity content, collectors have a wide variety of designs to choose from when building collections. With all the Proof and Mint Sets we have to offer, there's sure to be something that's right for you and your collection.

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  1. 2006 United States Silver Proof Set

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U.S Silver Coins

Silver coins are the oldest mass-produced type of coin in the world and have a very rich history. Used for trade since the early Greeks, silver coins have circulated globally since the 6th Century BC. The United State Mint began minting silver coins in 1792 and produced dozens of designs for coinage, from obsolete denominations like the silver three-cent piece, early half-dime, and silver twenty cent piece, to contemporary silver coins like the dime, quarter, half dollar and silver dollar. In the 1960s silver was removed from U.S. coins in circulation, from quarters and dimes, until the last of the silver Kennedy half dollars was released in 1964. Once silver was out of circulation, the demand for silver grew gradually, until finally in 1992 when that the demand for silver was satisfied when the first U.S. silver proof set was issued. Even though U.S. silver coins are no longer produced for circulation, there are many options to buy silver from the U.S. Mint, like the American Silver Eagles and a variety of Silver Proof Sets. Standard proof sets contain a silver half dollar, quarter, dime, with a nickel and penny. Other Proof Silver sets are produced as part of a specific series, like the America the Beautiful quarters silver proof set which contains a silver proof version of every design released that year.

U.S Mint Proof Sets

The United States Mint started selling complete proof sets directly to collectors in 1936.  These first U.S. Mint proof sets were made available to collectors, although at that time collectors had to purchase one of each coin on the same order to receive a set. Over the years, demand for proof sets grew from thousands to hundreds of thousands issues by the 1950s. Eventually the U.S. Mint started striking proof commemorative coins to enhance proof coin collections. These new additions increased demand, and the popularity silver proof sets exploded.

Uncirculated proof and Mint sets have been issued for over eighty years, since 1936, and are responsible for countless hours of enjoyment for both children and adults alike. There are many different types of Proof Mint sets for sale over the years, fitting almost any budget.  Other popular U.S. sets include clad proof sets, gold proof sets, and mint sets from vintage dates to modern proof coinage.

Proof Coinage

Technically, the term “proof” refers to the way that the coins are made, and not the finish of the coin. However, proof coins display beautiful mirror-like fields (surfaces), with contrasting sharp details, that makes the designs (devices) appear almost three-dimensional. These coins are specially manufactured as collector pieces and not intended for general circulation like "business strike issues, and carry higher price premiums. There is dramatic contrast between the bold, sharp details of the foreground and the highly-polished, shiny, mirror-like surfaces in the background, resulting in a coin with stunning eye appeal. Proof coins are specifically made for collectors and are never intended for general circulation. U.S. proof coins are among the rarest and most beautiful coins produced by the U.S. Mint and are highly popular and in demand around the world, even at higher price points. Today, there is a variety of beautiful and collectible silver proof sets are available, including the America the Beautiful silver proof sets.