Gold Kangaroo

In 1987, the Perth Mint introduced its new gold bullion coin, the Australian Gold Nugget. Although the design was fitting for a country that is rich in the natural resource, two years later the series changed to a more traditional symbol of the island nation, the kangaroo. Since then, the series has become a favorite of collectors throughout the world, many of whom dream of visiting Australia to see the animal for themselves. The coin is issued in five sizes annually, 1 oz., ½ oz., ¼ oz., 1/10 oz., and 1/20 oz., although larger coins of 2 oz., 10 oz., and 1 kg have also been released from time to time. Each Gold Kangaroo is struck from .9999 fine gold. Keep reading to learn more about this iconic series issued by the renowned Perth Mint and to browse our carefully curated assortment below:

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The 2018 Australia Gold Kangaroo

The 2018 Gold Kangaroo coins provided collectors with a special treat. For the first time in eight years, the coins featured not one, but two kangaroos. The one-year only design by Neil Hollis features two of the creatures bounding across the Australian Outback. They are depicted in different stages of their leaps, one with its feet forward preparing to bounce forward and the other with its feet extended downward, indicating it has just left the ground. The landscape is stylized, and the hot Australian sun is high in the sky, beating down on the pair. The design provides a unique combination of realistic renderings of the animals and an artistic background.

The Mini Roo

The Australian Gold Kangaroo 1 oz. coin is considered the most desirable of the standard issues for obvious reasons, but many collectors also fall in love with the 1/2 g coin. Struck annually with a design that is different from the larger Gold Kangaroos, the Mini Roo is perfect for those who want a gold coin to carry around with them, as well as those who are on tight budgets. The coin comes in a themed acrylic display card that makes it easy to stick in a wallet and take with you anywhere you go. The coin makes a fantastic conversation starter. Due to its lower value compared to the larger coins, many collectors feel more comfortable carrying this coin around than they would its larger counterparts.

Outstanding Quality for Proofs and BU Coins

The Perth Mint strikes both uncirculated and proof Gold Kangaroo Coins, giving collector the chance to enjoy two unique looks at each one-year design. The mint has a reputation among collectors worldwide for providing coins of exceptional quality, and the mint brings its high standards to bear on this beloved series. So strong is their reputation, that some collectors only buy coins that were struck in Perth.

The World’s Largest Coin

This series made history in 2011 with the striking of the world’s largest gold coin. Struck to promote the series, the coin, which is known as the “1 Tonne Australian Kangaroo,” was struck from 1,012 kg of .9999 fine gold. Its diameter measures a whopping 80 cm, or over two and a half feet!