World War II 23-pc Historic Coin, Note & Stamp Collection

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Historic WWII Coin, Note and Stamp Collection

This is an extensive collection of World War II memorabilia, spanning the United States, the Pacific and Europe. You’ll receive 23 pieces in all, including coins, notes and stamps. Each piece was issued by or for their respective nation during the World War II era, and this is the first time ever that we’ve seen them assembled in one great set.

  • COINS: You’ll receive a U.S. War Nickel, struck in 35% silver to save nickel for the war effort; German coins featuring the Nazi swastika; an Italian Lira displaying symbols of its own fascist regime; and coins from Canada and Great Britain, two of our closest allies.
  • NOTES: You’ll receive Japanese occupational notes printed for nations controlled by Japan during the war, all in uncirculated condition.
  • STAMPS: Lastly, you’ll receive patriotic U.S. stamps, occupational Japanese stamps, Nazi stamps and more.

It’s an incredible set that would fit perfectly in any World War II collection — and it even comes beautifully housed in its own custom-designed folder!

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