85-65 BC Ancient Silver Drachm of King Nahapana NGC VF+

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Alexander the Great's Legacy Lives on Through This Ancient Indian Drachm!

Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world, all the way into what is now India. In his wake, he spread elements of Greek culture like the Silver Drachm. About the size of a modern-day quarter, the drachm represented a denomination that would later become a standard around the developed world.

This particular Silver Drachm is from the lands of King Nahapana, struck in what is now Western India around 100 AD. The coin shows the portrait of King Nahapana wearing a crown on the obverse, and a thunderbolt and arrow on the reverse.

Nahapana's kingdom was a major source of luxury items imported from the Far East to Rome. In fact, the number of Roman traders that traveled to the kingdom was large enough to warrant the creation of a Roman Legion outpost. With the amount of money and goods trading hands, this protection was a necessity!

Of course, all this trade meant that vast sums of Roman money were left behind in Nahapana's kingdom. While large hoards of Roman coins would be found in Western India centuries later, perhaps a portion of that same Roman silver was used by Nahapana's mint to strike this very coin!

The coin grades Choice Very Fine (CH VF) by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) and comes encapsulated in an acrylic holder to protect your coin's status forever.

Year of Issue (Date Our Choice)
Composition Silver
Condition Graded
Grade VF
Currency Type Drachm
Dimensions 17mm