1922-D Lincoln Cent VG

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The Only Small Change U.S. Coin Struck in 1922

No nickels. No dimes. No quarters. No half dollars. If you’re working on your U.S. coin collection, don’t bother trying to find any of these coins with a 1922 date on them. That’s because only a handful of Peace Silver Dollars and 1922-D Lincoln Cents were struck that year by the U.S. Mint! Why the coin shortage? This was the Roaring ’20s after all. One would have thought the Mint would have been striking coins like mad that year.

The fact of the matter is that the Mint WAS producing coins that year – LOTS of coins – just not small change. Thanks to legislation mandated by the 1918 Pittman Act that required the striking of new Peace Silver Dollars, the U.S. Mint was caught flat-footed. It had neither the personnel or the equipment to strike the new silver dollars and keep up with production of small change coins. So, while the branch mints were busy spitting out Peace Dollars faster than the spread of gossip at a small-town beauty parlor, just one small change coin was being struck – and only at the Denver Mint – making these 1922-D Lincoln Cents among the most coveted coins of the last century.

With a great story and status as one of the lowest mintage Wheat-Back Cents in the series (just over seven million struck), these coins are quite the catch in Very Good (VG) condition. Don’t you get caught flat-footed; add this key-date coin to your collection today!

Year of Issue 1922
Country United States
Composition Copper
Grade VG
Denomination 0.01
Currency Type Dollar
Mint Name U.S. Mint
Coin Weight 3.11 Grams - g
Dimensions 19mm