Sao Jose Shipwreck Treasure 8 Reale Coin

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A King's Shipwrecked Treasure Is Finally Found!

In 1622, the Sao Jose was part of a king's mission to transport royal treasure from Lisbon, Portugal to Goa, India -- the capital of Portugal's overseas empire. However, before they could arrive, the ship was attacked by English and Dutch ships. The battle lasted several days, but in the end, both the Sao Jose and the royal treasure were lost off the coast of Mozambique.

In 2005 -- 383 years after the Sao Jose was lost -- the ship was finally located. A team of divers, archaeologists and other experts excavated her remains, and now you can secure your very own piece of the king's treasure -- an 8 Reales coin recovered from the shipwreck! Your coin will come sonically-sealed in a protective holder, certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) as an authentic shipwreck coin from the Sao Jose. Order yours now!

Year of Issue (Dates May Vary)
Condition Shipwreck
Denomination 8.00
Currency Type Reales