1900-1976 Coin Collecting 8-pc Starter Kit

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It’s Time to Get Started.

It’s a question we all get asked from time to time: “How do I get started?” Well, here’s the answer! This set of eight coins from across U.S. history is the perfect way to introduce someone into the world of coin collecting. A great gift as well as a fun kit to secure for yourself, it contains an Indian Head Cent, a Lincoln Wheat-Back Cent, a Buffalo Nickel, a silver Jefferson Nickel, a Mercury Dime, a silver Roosevelt Dime, a silver Washington Quarter and a Bicentennial Quarter. Enjoy time spent with kids and grandkids examining and exploring the history of each design! Dates vary and all coins come in Very Fine (VF) or better condition in a draw-string bag.

The set encompasses more than three-quarters of a century of U.S. coin designs from eight decades of history. The set includes coins from the Turn of the Century, World War I, the Roaring ’20s, the Great Depression, World War II, the Ike Years, the Viet Nam War & the turbulent ’60s and finally culminating in the 1970s and the celebration of our nation’s 200th anniversary. What a set – and it can be yours or a gift for someone special right now just by clicking it to your cart!

Country United States
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Purity Mixed
Condition Circulated
Grade VF
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